Ryan Wallace Joins the Underwater Acoustics International Team as UAI Project Manager

Posted June 25, 2018 in People

Ryan Wallace has joined the Underwater Acoustics International team as UAI Project Manager.  Mr. Wallace has over 10 years of experience in survey operations and project management. Rick Zaunbrecher, UAI Project Manager, stated, “Ryan is a self-starter and a team member with great integrity. He is focused, diligent and totally committed to producing detailed and accurate work at all times. Glad to have him on-board!”

Mr. Wallace is proficient in Auto-CAD 2011 and 2017, Microsoft Office, Kongsberg Mesotech Sonar Software, and Cleensweep Sonar Data processing software. He is also skilled in various graphic design programs and GPS navigation/plotting software. Mr. Wallace reported, “As a UAI Project Manager, I am responsible for multiple facets of the UAI Group’s efforts. These include researching project environments, participating in instrumentation selection for projects, coordination of data acquisition efforts, data processing and rendering, and participating in R&D for new applications of sonar systems and new methodologies for sonar system utilization.”

In his surveying and project management experience, Mr. Wallace supervised and advised numerous deep water marine construction survey and salvage operations that required him to work with bottom scanning sonar and USBL and LBL acoustic positioning for ROV positioning. Mr. Wallace has also conducted hydrographic surveys for NOAA using multi-beam and side scan sonar. He has also completed the design and fabrication of a specialized underwater bottom-scanning sonar housing tripod, which is still being used today.