High Definition Survey (HDS)

High Definition Survey (HDS)

Fenstermaker began offering High Definition Survey (HDS) in the infancy of this technology. Since its inception, advancements in hardware, software, and workflows have made HDS a viable option for projects of all sizes. HDS allows project managers to collect tremendous amounts of precision data at high speeds making it a highly efficient means of collecting data.   

Here’s how it works: A narrow beam of pulsed laser light moves across the target, recording millions of measurements simultaneously. These are displayed on a computer screen in the form of a point cloud, which closely resembles a 3D model.  With millimeter accuracy, multiple scan locations are combined to create 3D point clouds applicable to a host of services. Virtual walkthroughs, interference detection, TruViews, containment analysis, interactive 3D models, demolition plans, critical move plans, quantity takeoff, inventory management, vessel deformation analysis and spool drawings are just a few of the possible uses for HDS.

Fenstermaker’s HDS team relies on decades of technical experience and specialized expertise to create personalized solutions for our clients. We use high definition laser scanners, precision total stations, and powerful modeling and point cloud software to provide comprehensive, as-built surveys, intelligent 3D CAD models and detailed 2D isometric spool drawings. We look forward to showing you how this innovative approach to surveying can work for you.

HD laser scanning and subsequent as-built modeling present great advantages to a diverse category of projects:

  • 3D Laser Scanning
    • Roads and Bridges
    • Infrastructure
    • Historical Preservation
    • Oil and Gas Facilities
    • Pipeline Facilities
    • Refineries
    • Offshore Drilling and Production Platforms and Rigs
  • As-Built Modeling
    • Intelligent 3D Modeling
    • BIM (Building Information Models)
    • Spherical Imaging
    • Critical Lift Animation
    • Isometric Spool Drawings
    • 3D Adobe Acrobat PDFs