The Future of Virtual Land Mapping
Fenstermaker recently acquired TotaLand Technologies, which offers a complementary product to enhance our services to Land and E&P companies in the oil and gas arena. TotaLand is a virtual, paperless office solution that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, using the latest in secure hosting technologies. This new partnership will broaden Fenstermaker’s scope of services with TotaLand’s streamlined approach to land work. In turn, Fenstermaker’s long history and expertise in the energy industry will support and sustain TotaLand’s progressive system.

I am excited to have TotaLand and its one-of-a-kind system as part of Fenstermaker’s commercial product line.  At Fenstermaker, fulfilling and even exceeding our clients’ expectations is the number one priority. With TotaLand on our team, we can now offer a world-class solution to improving land work.
      - Alan Day, Vice President of Information Technologies at Fenstermaker

TotaLand at a Glance
Productivity increases drastically with the power to process reliable information and images in real-time, and landmen using TotaLand will only have to enter data once. Syncing or compiling spreadsheets, updating maps, copying reports, contracts and leases that are likely to be outdated, and work repetition will all be a thing of the past. With TotaLand’s patent pending table design making data entry and research easier, users can interface with the available data and enter their own in a simple, straightforward manner. On the maps, tracts are organized by color and contain extensive details about the land, including ownership, specifications, contracts/leases, associated field notes, images, and status reports.

TotaLand’s History:
Frustrated by the tedious and often redundant paperwork he encountered as a field landman, Bill Justice created TotaLand Technologies in 2004 with the specific goal of streamlining the process. The result is a hosted database solution that allows users to enter data and interface with a tremendous catalogue of relevant field intelligence from any computer with an internet connection. In today’s technologically advanced world, TotaLand serves as the future of field work by acting as the landman’s virtual office. The leader in efficient, paperless field acquisition, TotaLand centrally stores and controls a vast database and mapping system that continuously grows through user feedback and technical expertise.         

Being a commercial-grade, SAS70/SSAE16-compliant field data capture system, TotaLand eliminates unnecessary work and redundant data, allowing landmen to complete research and conduct operations significantly faster. As a web-based product, there is no software to download and thus no versioning issues. Better yet, TotaLand is a secure site with automatic hourly back-ups and controlled access. Designed for the most current data and direct navigation, TotaLand is meant to be linked directly to maps, giving land men real-time viewing of vital, updated data relevant to the area in question. Expert personnel is available to help you explore the full extent of GIS mapping services, but the technology already offers users the ability to communicate with existing maps and data, as well as the power to create or maintain polygons.

As a former landman himself, Justice not only understands how to makes field work faster and better but also the need for confidentiality. TotaLand provides professional services but does not do brokerage work and therefore will not pose any potential conflicts. Clients and their data will never be mentioned or used without express authorization. Additionally, the licensing is not based on the number of users so there is no limit for accounts. Without the need for users within the same company or working on the same project to share accounts, TotaLand provides clients the highest security measure and the tools to minimize errors and cut down on double work. Users with the same level of authorization have the capability to view, download, edit or electronically send the same materials.

More than just a technically advanced system offering a wide range of services, TotaLand gives clients the advantage of working with an insider. With the goal of making field work and data management both easier and more reliable, TotaLand wants clients to benefit from their knowledge and experience. The expertise of its creator and personnel is integrated into the system. The people at TotaLand understand the complicated process of field work from a land man’s perspective, and they have helped a wide variety of projects succeed with their system.

For more information about TotaLand and how it can be a valuable asset to you:
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