Underwater Acoustic Imaging (UAI)

Underwater Acoustic Imaging (UAI)

Until recently, the capability to perform underwater structural inspection was limited to the use of divers and robotic vehicles. These methods are less effective under conditions such as high current flow and low visibility, or with complex structural surfaces.

Today’s high-definition Underwater Acoustic Imaging (UAI) systems provide more efficient, accurate and comprehensive inspections of underwater components. Utilizing an integrated remote sensing platform, this advanced technology can be used as an alternative or to complement traditional approaches. Data collection with this system is not only more efficient but is also more accurate and reliable when defining existing conditions and assessing your repair objectives.  

With the acoustic imaging systems specially customized and configured by our Underwater Acoustics Group, we can maximize performance and resolution even in shallow “brown water” environments. We are the only company to use Underwater Acoustic Imaging at these specifications. Our expert UAI team has decades of combined experience in underwater imaging and measurement systems, allowing us to provide you with unparalleled expertise in acoustic applications, data collection, analysis, and interpretation.

Fenstermaker’s Underwater Acoustic Group offers you services that greatly improve your underwater projects or evaluations:

  • Access Route Survey
  • Bulkhead Inspection
  • Dam Structure Inspection
  • Dam System Evaluation
  • Flooded Pipe & Conduit Inspections
  • Heel & Toe Inspection for Dams
  • Obstruction & Hazard Inspection
  • Scour & Erosion Investigation
  • Site Clearance Verification Survey
  • Trash Rack Inspection for Dams
  • Underwater Acoustic Imaging for Bridge Inspection
  • Underwater Acoustic Site Investigation & Monitoring
  • Underwater Construction & Dive Support
  • Underwater Forensic Investigation
  • Water Intake Inspection