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Alexander B. Lincoln


Alex Lincoln was named President of Fenstermaker in January of 2015 and served in this capacity until January of 2019. Prior to being named President, Mr. Lincoln served as a consultant for the firm. He holds a BA Liberal Arts degree from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Mr. Lincoln spent three years in Germany on assignment with Huels, a chemical and plastics corporation. During this time, he participated in the company’s Executive Management program and was a member of the firm’s corporate development and strategy group. Mr. Lincoln has worked in various industries including Chemicals & Plastic, Transportation, Petroleum, Construction, and Pipeline. He has been involved with multiple disciplines at several companies within these industries, including Sales and Marketing, Production and Planning, Corporate and Business Development, Strategic Innovation, Financial Analysis and Planning, and Team Building.

Mr. Lincoln’s varied background and working knowledge of a myriad of industries and disciplines has proven to be a great fit for Fenstermaker, known for its diversity of services to a broad range of client types. Mr. Lincoln’s wealth of experience gives him the advantage of seeing things from many points of view and he shares his depth of knowledge and uses his keen leadership skills to advance Fenstermaker’s core values and vision for the future.

During his tenure as President, Mr. Lincoln led Fenstermaker through difficult economic times. He was successful in preparing the firm to come back strong by focusing on the company’s commitment to safety, advancing internal and external communications, encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and redefining departmental processes. Mr. Lincoln leaves a legacy of teamwork, open communications and enhanced employee morale. His leadership has further advanced the unique culture of the Fenstermaker organization.