Underwater Acoustic Imaging

Seeing is Believing.

With project efficiency, seeing is believing. Our Underwater Acoustic Imaging team has the experience and specialized technology to give you a clear perspective of project details.

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The advanced age of the Dam infrastructure in the United States and the general lack of attention that this infrastructure has received since beginning operation is requiring a comprehensive examination to provide information for evaluation of critical needs and to develop monitoring plans in order to acquire the analytical information for predictive maintenance.

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About Ken LaBry

Ken LabryKenneth J. LaBry is the Chief Scientist for Acoustics and the Acoustics Market Leader for C. H. Fenstermaker & Associates, L.L.C. He is a Physicist with over 35 years of experience. For 27 years, Mr. LaBry has specialized in Underwater Acoustic Remote Sensing. He has directed numerous substructure inspections and site assessments, hydrographic and geophysical investigations. Mr. LaBry holds patents for acoustic remote sensing processes and is the recipient of the 2007 and 2009 Louisiana Transportation Excellence Award for Use of an Innovative Product or Technology and the 2006 Society of American Military Engineers Technology Advancement Medal. He has been a pioneer in the development and application of remote sensing systems for submerged structure inspection. He has authored numerous articles with regards to remote sensing technologies, and serves on multiple committees for the Marine Technology Society, and the New York Academy of Sciences. Mr. LaBry is also a frequent guest speaker on Underwater Remote Sensing and Innovative Energy technologies.