Winners of Fenstermaker’s 2018 Field Photography Contest Announced

Posted June 6, 2018 in People

How the contest came about…

Fenstermaker is always looking for ways to nurture the company’s culture and hosts programs to help team members understand the value of the work performed by people in various divisions of the company. There’s nothing better for developing respect between disciplines than by sharing information and looking at things from someone else’s perspective. The idea for Fenstermaker’s annual photo contest, launched in 2017, was the perfect vehicle for giving team members an insight into the world of the company’s field personnel.

The first photo contest was a tremendous success and a good way to let everyone see what life in the field is like. Participation was encouraged and the guidelines were kept simple to see where this assignment would lead. The entries were varied and amazing. Some captured beautiful project sites or things seen along the way. Some told a story of the services being performed. The contest gave Fenstermaker’s people in the field an opportunity to share their world, to tell a story and to express themselves.

As an added benefit, the company was able to expand its library of relevant photos of services, projects, and people. The announcement of winners and the use of photos in marketing and publicity efforts gave our field crews some much-deserved attention and reminded them of their importance to the rest of the company.

This year's competition brought in an even greater number of entries than the first year with ninety-three photographs submitted. The images were as diverse as the projects and locations represented. The photography was exemplary and the competition was tight. Congratulations all who competed and thank you for giving everyone a glimpse of your world.

And now, without further delay, here are Fenstermaker's 2018 Field Photography Contest winners! Congratulations to all.


1st Place - Rick Zaunbrecher
Project Manager - Underwater Acoustics International
a division of Fenstermaker

Project: New Orleans Flood Protection Authority Culvert Inspections
Location: New Orleans, LA
Scope: Underwater Acoustic Imaging









2nd Place - Travis Gaconnet

Instrumentman II

Project: Survey/Staking Well Pad Location
Location: Deberry, TX
Scope: Oil & Gas Survey










3rd Place - Chad Laukhuff
Party Chief III

Project: Monroe 34-172 3H
Location: Ward County, TX
Scope: Pipeline As-Built Survey










Honorable Mention - Dax Douet, P.E.
Director, Engineering

Project: Kaliste Saloom Road Widening
Location: Lafayette, LA
Scope: Construction Inspection