Technologies for the Coastal Market

Highly advanced technologies give our coastal clients the opportunity to see their projects from many perspectives, opening the way to sound solutions and results that stand the test of time. Technologies are combined to offer innovative and unique data management tools designed specifically for the needs of the clients.


Imaging, Scanning & Mapping

  • High Definition Laser Scanning
  • HD Surveys of Roads, Bridges & Infrastructure
  • As-Built Modeling
  • Dimensional Control
  • Scour Investigation & Mapping
  • Spherical Imaging
  • Intelligent 3D Modeling
  • Aerial Photography/Videography

GIS Services

  • Land Management
  • Asset & Data Management
  • (Louisiana Sand Resources Database (LASARD)
  • Mapping Solutions
  • Project/Asset Management Software
  • Software Development

Programming & Task Automation

  • Remote Sensing & Analysis for Multiple Parameters
  • LiDAR Elevation Data Processing & Grid Creation
  • Hydraulic Modeling Software Compatibility Programming
  • Fusion between Vector Data & Model Output Tables to Create Visualization Layers

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