Doing Business with Us

At Fenstermaker, we believe in building strong, long-term partnerships. We offer a unique combination of services to assist state and federal agencies in developing smart solutions to complex contemporary challenges. Experienced in collaborating with many types of organizations and government agencies, we understand the requirements and goals of public work. From procurement to project completion, our team of diverse professionals is knowledgeable and focused throughout the entire process.

We conduct ourselves in accordance with our ethics statement entitled, “Our Way of Doing Business.” This business philosophy and code of business conduct is the way we operate on a day to day basis. In this document, you will find the rules by which we live, the way we deal with our clients and the way we operate from an ethical and legal standpoint.

For more information about doing business with our company and for information on collaborative opportunities, please contact Greg Palmer, Vice President, Contracts and Acquisitions

Our Way of Doing Business – Ethics Statement