2012 Louisiana Comprehensive Master Plan

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Faced with the task of updating the State's existing 2007 strategic plan for coastal restoration and protection, the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) decided to complete a 2012 Comprehensive Master Plan for Louisiana. Outlining the vision of the state for the next five years, the Master Plan aims to guide the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in project expenditures. One of the first steps for CPRA is to develop a vision for the ecosystem restoration and hurricane protection for the coast of Louisiana based on desired levels of hurricane protection and ecosystem services. This vision will be translated into planning targets expressed in terms of habitat for various species and/or species groupings of commercial and recreational importance. Another determinant will be the level of protection needed from hurricane storm damage for communities and assets across the coast.

Fenstermaker was tasked to provide the lead technical guidance and establish a foundation for the planning effort by developing hydrodynamic models that can be used to predict variables such as salinity, turbidity, temperature, and other selected water quality aspects of the open water bodies within the estuaries. For each region, an approach was developed to estimate the exchange of solids and chemicals due to advection and dispersion processes. The models used were computationally efficient to allow multiple simulations, because the prioritization tool will be utilized for many projects and scenarios to replicate conditions of salinity, water levels, and nutrients within the coastal areas. These output models were in turn used by field experts to predict other variables with the coastal ecosystem .

The final product will allow the State to develop a framework and prioritization tool to successfully implement and sequence activities for current and future flood protection and coastal restoration projects.

Client: Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA)
Scope: Coastal Engineering, Master Planning, Hydrodynamic Modeling
Completion: Current