Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems

Map Analyst

The potential of geographic information systems (GIS) is endless. Interpreted correctly, GIS provides a powerful tool to help you approach problems, view and understand relevant information, and uncover relationships or patterns in data. Fenstermaker’s experienced team of programmers and GIS experts can tailor a unique platform to help you achieve success.

The advantages of working with Fenstermaker to maximize the use of GIS applications are highlighted:

Functionality. We convert and organize data so it’s valuable to you. After learning your needs, we transform useful information into a sophisticated GIS application that allows you to visualize and interact with the data you need quickly and easily.  

Customization. We build the platform to answer your question, “how can my organization be more effective?” We’re experienced in partnering with a highly diverse client base, so we know you’re not interested in the generic.

Robust and highly extensible. We identify and integrate valuable new data, tools and features into your platform to meet your information and functionality needs.  

Design. We specialize in the design and programming of computer software. Our professional programmers understand the different challenges facing businesses, government agencies, and organizations and we build the technology for your ease of use.

Engine of product.  Our products focus on speed, fluidity, and interactivity. We embed our GIS mapping engine and apply it to your system, focusing on customizing a system that is strong, pragmatic, reliable, and innovative.

Premier software. We build GIS applications using the latest web development software from Microsoft Silverlight technology. This provides you with high-resolution quality, extremely fast speed, and easy navigation.

Security. GIS data resides in the cloud. Fenstermaker houses its cloud in a highly secure location that backs up your data in a site built to Department of Defense standards.

For more information, visit our Map Analyst website.

A sampling of our work is described below.

Property Analyst

Fenstermaker built PropertyAnalyst as an effective, state-of-the-art GIS application for tax assessors. The interface gives assessors the power to access a wide range of detailed information about individual property, specific neighborhoods, and the community at large. It also allows the public to interact, solicit, update and scrutinize property data. PropertyAnalyst provides the tool for both assessors and interested individuals to view and manage property data such as assessed values, legal descriptions, official address, professional evaluations, subdivision boundaries, parcel ID, and tax information.

Our programming experts customized the platform with the user in mind. PropertyAnalyst includes an interface to PictometryTM in the software, offering viewers up-close images using oblique photography for the fast, accurate measurement of physical property components. To help both assessors and the public find and review data with ease, we created three robust search methods. Depending on your research needs, you can search and navigate the geographic data by attributes, parcels, and features.

Legal Analyst

Legal Analyst facilitates fast, efficient and organized collaboration on cases using a very simple mapping interface. No training is needed to start working with Legal Analyst. Double the speed of your interaction with members of the case team. Produce exhibits for your cases instantly. Search case related documents using keyword tags.  See annotations on maps from other team members.

  • Fast, efficient internet map engine
  • Cloud based security (SSAE16 certification)
  • Professional mapping personnel
  • Data from all experts in one location
  • Attorney and expert collaboration
  • Case chronology easily displayed
  • Document control with annotation
  • Controlled user access and privileges


Fenstermaker was commissioned by the Lafayette Economic Development Authority (LEDA) to establish a GIS solution with features and functions that appeal to business owners. Customized for economic development, our LEDA maps organize and display pertinent information for prospective businesses interested in the Lafayette area. With many layers of information at the user’s fingertips, this program consolidates relevant data, covering a wide scope with details as specific as square footage and price to insight into the community-at-large with demographic data.

With LEDA maps, Fenstermaker has streamlined the process of researching and evaluating business initiatives. Our system offers interested buyers a full report on the availability and features of commercial property and an insider’s look into the surrounding area. With a bird’s eye map view and facts like price, square footage, dimensions, realtor, and even property photos provided, LEDA maps deliver critical information and visualization tools directly to prospective businesses. Those interested can delve deeper and interact with the maps fluidly to reveal flood zone data, industrial buildings nearby, and live traffic feed. LEDA maps even contain traffic counts, which indicate an area’s density, to help assess a commercial property’s visibility and potential foot traffic!

To learn more about how we can customize programs to improve the speed, fluidity, and means of accessing critical information for your business, contact our Vice President of IT— Alan Day.