COVID-19 Response

To Our Customers and Business Partners

We hope this message finds you, your loved ones and your co-workers doing well in this unprecedented time. Our management team continues to monitor this dynamic COVID-19 situation, and we will keep you informed as there are further developments to our status.

The disruption to our normal lives and uncertainty of what lies ahead is new to all of us. Fortunately, we have each other for support and comfort. As we are encouraging our team members, we also urge our clients and business associates to stay informed and follow the advice of health officials to stay safe.

We have implemented measures to minimize the risks to our team members and their loved ones and our business associates. During this transition time, we are providing our employees with all the resources and support necessary to perform their duties with minimum impact on productivity.

• By following our business continuity plans, we have implemented remote operations for most team members. Reports from our people have been positive, and our technology infrastructure is proving to be robust and effective.
• In the interest of safety, we have closed our offices with only essential staff allowed on site. For all locations, we have incorporated stringent sanitation procedures and are adhering to social distancing guidelines.
• Field operations continue to carry out existing business, and we have made it clear to our field personnel that their safety is our top priority. Our field crews and essential office personnel are authorized to stop work in unsafe conditions.
• We have postponed meetings, events, and social activities and are utilizing electronic communications to conduct business.
• We continue to compensate our team throughout this challenging situation and are sympathetic to the unique needs of our team members.

• Our company is well-positioned to serve our clients during this time. We have operated continuously for 70 years through many economic conditions and have enacted our business continuity plan to provide for uninterrupted client service.
• With many technologies in place, we are working towards minimal disruption to our operations.
• We understand that this emerging crisis is creating hardships for our clients and their businesses, and we are working diligently to do our part to ease the burden for everyone.
• Our call center is up and running, and we are available to transfer your calls to our remote staff. Please call (337) 237-2200, and we will forward your call to the appropriate team member.

You are an essential part of our Fenstermaker Family, and your health and well-being matter to us. Working remotely and practicing social distancing, while critical, presents challenges for everyone. Remember to stay connected through technology, remain physically active, and seek support if needed.

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