Austin Doucet, EI, on the Louisiana Watershed Initiative

Austin Doucet began his career at Fenstermaker in 2017 as a Civil Engineering Student Intern shortly before his graduation in 2019 from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. For the duration of his now 6-year tenure with our firm, and through his current position as an Engineer Intern, Austin has been working toward obtaining his Professional Engineering Licensure with mentorship and supervision from Engineering Director, Jeanne Hornsby, who leads our Water Resources team.

Austin has been involved in reviewing and developing flood study analyses, the designing of open channel and subsurface drainage systems, and has assisted and managed the development of hydrologic and hydraulic numerical models as part of Fenstermaker project teams.

Austin has worked heavily in dealing with Calcasieu Parish Regional Watershed Modeling and Planning. He has played a vital role in the ongoing development of a Stormwater Master Plan for Calcasieu Parish, his main responsibilities including that of data collection and inventory, hydrologic and hydraulic numerical modeling, the creation of a Drainage Infrastructure Watershed Report Card, along with the effective implementation and monitoring of the masterplan itself.

Austin has routinely assisted in the development of hydrologic and hydraulic models which are in turn used to analyze the current and future flood risk and vulnerability of communities. Austin and his colleagues are also skilled in making determinations as to the effectiveness of proposed water resources projects.

It is Austin’s excellent professional and technical skills that have afforded him the opportunity to serve as Region 4’s Program Manager for our current work as part of the Louisiana Watershed Initiative, the topic of our podcast this season.