EWeek 24: Anna Doucet, P.E., hosted by Braden Dauphine

Anna Doucet began her career at Fenstermaker early in 2015. Subsequently gaining her licensure 4 years later in 2019, Anna is now a Professional Engineer specializing in roadway design, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, and project management within water resource and transportation sectors.  

In her current role, Anna oversees civil design projects, strategically managing multi-million-dollar projects for both public and private sectors. She has collaborated with various agencies, including LADOTD, FEMA, GOHSEP, along with local municipalities, showcasing her coordination skills in diverse project environments. 

Anna has successfully brought many water resources projects to completion, incorporating numerical hydrologic and hydraulic modeling for floodplain mapping, FEMA No-Rise, and FEMA LOMR. Her utilization of numerical modeling extends to assessing future conditions of drainage basins and formulating cost-effective projects that enhance individual watersheds.