John Fenstermaker on the History of the Fenstermaker Family Firm

John Fenstermaker is a Registered Professional Land Surveyor, Vice Chairman and Vice President of Business Development here at Fenstermaker. John leads our Business Development Team, managing the promotion of our firm’s services. While in his former role as Vice President of the Survey & Mapping Division, John built a vast network of contacts consisting of both long-time and new clients. His experience with the company includes project planning, quality assurance and quality control, data acquisition and management.

Under John’s leadership, our firm’s Survey & Mapping Division grew into what is now one of the most respected surveying firms in the country. John and his team developed new workflows and field communications, ensuring the company’s position at the forefront of technology. With a focus on client satisfaction and technology integration, John has led some of the most efficient, well-equipped, and experienced teams in the industry.

John is a member of the American Association of Professional Landmen, the Lafayette Association of Professional Landmen, the Permian Basin Landmen’s Association, the Pipeliners Association of Houston, the American Petroleum Institute, the American Association of Drilling Engineers, the Louisiana Gas Association, the Louisiana Oil & Gas Association, the ADAM Energy Forum, and the International Right of Way Association.

Thank you, John, for participating in this Season of FUELED, which we are calling ‘Seeking CHF,’ an attempt to gain insight into our origins as a company, our founder, Charles Howard Fenstermaker, Jr., and of course, your role in the development and trajectory of our family business to where we are today—over 70 years in the making!