Professional Land Surveyor, Lolly Brasseaux, on Pipeline Infrastructure

Lolly BrasseauxMr. Lolly Brasseaux was the Senior Project Manager and Associate Director within Fenstermaker’s Survey division and served as the point of contact for many of our firm’s larger mid-stream capital projects. He performed pipeline, hydrographic, topographic and boundary surveys for local, state and Federal agencies, major and independent oil companies, as well as private industry.  Lolly was also one of the Staff Coordinators for technical overview and quality control, having done work for clients in Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and Pennsylvania. Registered Professional Land Surveyor No. 4692, Lolly began surveying in 1974 and was a part of the Fenstermaker family from August of 1977 up until his passing on Thanksgiving day in 2021.

We’re so fortunate to have been on the receiving end of Lolly’s best for almost 45 years. We’re proud to continue sharing this interview with everyone. We’ll be forever missing his genuinely selfless nature, his authenticity, and his kind-hearted spirit.