R.J. Boutte on the History of the Fenstermaker Family Firm

R.J. Boutte, prior to his retirement late in 2020, served in a vital leadership capacity here at Fenstermaker as Senior Vice President, overseeing quality and safety programming while working closely with all management teams.

In a prior role as Sr. VP of Operations, he coordinated daily activities in support of the policies, goals, and corporate vision established by our CEO and President. He was responsible for the development, promotion, and financial forecasting of the company’s products and services. R.J. ensured that all of our operations were carried out in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations and laws. His leadership effectively maximized resources and the timely delivery of project objectives.

During his tenure of almost 50 years, R.J. contributed substantially to the formulation of our Safety and Quality Control Programs. Under his direction, and as a result of his effectual management, Fenstermaker experienced tremendous growth in size, expertise, and revenue.